A comedy blog with a nutty twist.

I would have been a therapist, but I already talk to myself enough as it is.

We’re All Born Kinda Nutty

Kat Mueller is a blogger, comedienne, writer, author, and sword fighter. The sword fighter part might be a lie.

Throughout Kat's life, she has struggled with depression, mental illness, abuse, and a neurological disorder. She had a mental breakdown and attempted suicide before she even went to college. You might can see why she refers to herself as "nutty."

At the peak of adulthood, Kat had a lot of repressed rage and decided to become an assassin to relieve it. However, she quickly discovered that she had terrible aim and could not even shoot a house. So, she became a comedienne instead. She has discovered that it's just about the same thing, so she's quite happy with the way it all turned out.

In her twisted mind, Kat imagines herself to be some mix of Xena, Buffy, Celaena Sardothien, and Princess Leia. She might be a tad delusional.

Kat wrote this entire snippet all by herself and in third person. It makes her feel more important that way. Bless her heart.


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