February 17, 2017

Name: Kat

Email: theotherlestrangegirl@gmail.com

Favorite Book: The Fellowship of the Ring

About Me

Hi, I’m Kat. I’m a supremely geeky and highly introverted wife, mother of three fur children, and voracious reader and writer. I have found, through trial and error, that fictional characters are the only strangers I can be around and not feel completely awkward  and out of place. Thus, I read (and write!) like a maniac.

I started this blog because, well, I love to talk about books! And, though my husband is gracious enough to listen to me, I’m sure he can only take so much of it!

Fantasy is my number one and most loved genre. I read urban fantasy, high fantasy, adult fantasy, young adult fantasy, and everything in between. I will even read middle grade if it’s awesome (like Percy!).

However, I do not limit myself and will read just about anything if it looks enticing, so I am definitely open to reading (and have read!) across many genres.

In addition to books, I will also ramble on about other forms of escapism, usually movies, because I LOVE them as well. My favorites are fantasy, of course, but I also love dark fantasy, action-adventure, suspense, thriller, and monster movies! (Pssst…usually the monster is my favorite character).

I’m a HUGE sucker for anything with a dark tone. The darkness is my friend.

So, here’s a couple more answers to some questions you may have if you’ve been poking around my site…

What’s with all this “meow” business?

Well, I’m a Kat, right? Right.

Teehee. Actually, instead of stars, I use meows because I think it’s cute and I was talked into it by some very persuasive relatives of mine (I have two cats, after all). And so, the meow rating system was born.


How I Judge Books:

My “meow” rating system ranges from one meow ( or “star” if you prefer) to five meows. I take many things into account when reading a book, such as:

-plot development


-character development

-writing style



And many more.

Here is a breakdown of my rating system:

Five Meows: It’s one of the best books I’ve ever read, no question.

Four Meows: Awesome book and I really loved it.

Three Meows: It was pretty good but I may or may not read it again.

Two Meows: I really didn’t like it and will not be reading it again.

One Meow: I did not like it at all, did not finish it, and won’t try again.


Most books fall in between two and four meows. It takes a very blow-me-away book to get a five meow review from me (crackin’ down, baby). I also rarely give one meow reviews simply because, if a book is that bad, I probably never picked it up in the first place.

I don’t rate any lower than one meow because, while I may have hated it, it does something for someone out there and I will give it at least one meow for that.

In Conclusion…

If you like what you see around here, then I hope you’ll stick around for a while! Be sure you sign up for my email list as well because you will get a free copy of my novella, Of Blood and Water! As a Xena fan and a supporter of ass-kicking women, I’ve always wanted to write a piece about the Amazons. So, Of Blood and Water is my little bit of their story.








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