The Mummy 2017: Movie Review
Movies / July 4, 2017

In the Words of Rick O’Connell…”Not These Guys Again!”   The Mummy, starring the always feisty Tom Cruise, was released around the same time as the box-office-smash Wonder Woman. Still, and despite some less than stellar reviews, it managed to do pretty well financially, raking in over 300 million buckaroos. So, did it deserve all that dough? Last week, Josh (the hubby) and I decided to go out to eat as a special treat/date night on the weekend. He asked me if there were any good movies playing that we could catch. I mentally ran through the list of moviesĀ that were outĀ and, as we had already seen Wonder Woman, I said there was nothing else to see right now. Later, though, I pulled up the current movie listings on my phone, just in case I had forgotten one. “Oi!” I squealed to him. “There is one we could go see. The Mummy!” He nodded his affirmation, and our journey began shortly after. Now, before we fall even further down this tomb (hehe), I have a confession: I sometimes like bad movies. Sometimes, I’m perfectly fine with telling the critics exactly where they can shove it and enjoying myself anyway. 15%…

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