Mind Over Matter- Short Story
Fantasy , My Fiction / July 18, 2017

Kat sat in her trusty, cushioned chair with her purple lap desk perched on her bent knees. On it, there was a smattering of notebook paper and scribbled sentences. Tears came to her eyes as she started pushing out the next few paragraphs. Her character was suffering and she felt for him. Ached for him. When she tried to write his most painful scenes, he kept wrenching back, unable to face any more pain. She didn’t blame him. This draft was sure to leave her with a headache. Just then, her eyes began to droop against her will, as if she had drunk a whole bottle of Nyquil. Her body was being pulled in and she could not fight it. No. No. Not again. But it was too late. Her eyes locked closed and then sprang open. The world shifted. Kat stood on a curb next to a tall, gray lamp post, her dirty blonde hair nearly lifting her up with the whipping wind. Next to her was an out-of-business grocery store with a faded, red logo painted on it. The slew of buildings beyond that resembled empty garages. She glanced down and was relieved to see that her entire…

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