Grimm Love by Kristen Collins–Book Review

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Today, I am reviewing a book called Grimm Love by Kristen Collins. For a quick sum up, this is about a girl called Sky who is half human and half Grim Reaper. While simultaneously living a normal life and, you know, harvesting souls on the side, she meets a guy called Jack who falls for her and sends her world into a tailspin.

Okay, so, I’m pretty sure you can tell that this is definitely paranormal romance. That is not, I’ll admit, always my most favorite genre to read. I do enjoy it, but it can easily be ruined, so it depends a lot on how the author handles it.

That being said, I surprisingly really enjoyed this book.

I don’t mean to say “surprisingly” as if I thought I would hate it. I didn’t. I just tend to have a little apprehension for this particular genre sometimes.

However, this book was quite lovely. First, I must give it credit for putting a new and fresh spin on the paranormal romance genre. Our main girl is not a vampire, werewolf, or even a witch. She is a Grim Reaper. What?! Yes.

This isn’t the first book I have seen with a Grim Reaper character, but I do believe it’s the first I’ve seen with this type of romance spin on it.

Oh yeah, the romance. I really enjoyed Sky and Jack’s developing romance, and I thought their emotions were very palpable and believable. There may have been a bit of insta-love, which I do not love, but I try to be more forgiving when other elements of the book are worthy of applause.

The other thing I believe was very well-done was the worldbuilding, so to speak, and the way the author blended Sky’s life as both a Grim Reaper and a human.

I enjoyed this book more than I thought I would, and I would definitely suggest checking it out if you get a chance.

Pick up a copy right here!

Would I recommend? Yes, I would! I think you’ll really enjoy, especially if you like paranormal romance even more than I do.

Final Ruling: Three Stars.

Am I going to re-read? Probably not right away, but I will hold on to my copy and I made read it later on in the future. I have too much new stuff to read right now!

Final thoughts:

Check it out. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised and impressed by the author’s writing skill.

  • I was sent a free copy of this book for review. All opinions are true and my own.
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