My Review Policy

Review Policy

Please note that I am currently accepting books for review. Contact me at if you would like me to consider your book.

Be sure to browse through my other reviews to get an idea of how I review. Once I finish reading your book and write my review, I will post it on my blog and across social media. If you would also like me to post on Goodreads and Amazon, I can do that as well.


Genres I Read/Prefer

Fantasy (any kind, though high/epic fantasy is my favorite)

Sci-Fi/Urban Fantasy


Young Adult (contemporary, fantasy, magical realism, gothic, horror, etc.)

Most Other Genres Except the Ones Outlined Below


Books/Genres I do NOT Accept for Review

Chick Lit


Historical Fiction (Yes, I was a history major in college. But let’s save that for the textbooks, shall we?)



I will consider any book that an author would like me to review, unless it clearly falls into one of the genres that I do not accept. However, please note that I do post negative reviews. I am always honest and will be up front about the awesome and weaker parts of the book.

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